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Southern California Workshop

Enrollment is now open for our 4-Day In-Person Training Event, December 27th-30th.  This event will not only provide exceptional male-focused training, it will also be an exceptional opportunity for dancers to get a leg up on the upcoming audition season, supplying them with the tools they will need and the ability to feel confident that they are putting their best foot forward.


The 4-day workshop, designed for male-identifying dancers aged 9-22, will consist of an assortment of classes including Ballet technique, Variations, Pas De Deux, Jumps and Turns, Contemporary, Character, Conditioning, and more.  With all classes having an emphasis on the masculine essence in ballet. The training aims to train dancers in movements that are necessary for potential roles in ballet and other choreography, as well as equip dancers with exercises that will allow them to hone in on their skills--continuing beyond the four days.


Our mission at The Male Dance Connection is to create an environment where young men can come together to engage, learn, and grow--both virtually and in-person.  By giving these dancers the opportunity to bond and share their experiences, we have the joy of being able to add to their support system and encourage even further, through the smooth and the rough times that come with being a student.  

This event will be hosted at Dmitri Kulev Classical Ballet Academy in Laguna Hills, California.

Enroll and Register here:

TMDC Winter Training Event Staff

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