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We exist to connect male dancers across the globe and provide a place for engagement, learning and growth.  As dancers, we know that boys and men have needs that are frequently overlooked in the greater dance community.  It is our mission to address those needs through engagement with one another in a forum that is focused on learning and collaboration.  It is in this free exchange and nurturing environment that personal, artistic, and professional growth occurs and advances the artist and the art form.


Redefining the Way 
We Move

  • Provide information, answer questions, and connect male dancers to necessary resources to support successful dance education.

  • Promote personal artistic growth and development by fostering safe friendships and cooperation among male dancers.

  • Provide supplementary boys-only training classes for male dancers who may not have the opportunity to train in an all-male environment.

  • Support boys and men on their dance journey from recreational to professional levels and acknowledge that each dancer's path is unique and personal.

  • Nurture collaboration and partnerships among artists, educators, and patrons to elevate dance as an art form.


Our Journey So Far



Beginning as a way to continue a boys' dance class during the early stages of the pandemic. The Male Dance Connection has become an organization that not only fills a void in the dance community but also is a passion for its founders. Bryce Lee started teaching boys from across the country on Zoom in 2020, and even after dance studios resumed instruction, he continued these weekly classes. In late 2021, Ryan Lenkey joined Bryce and began teaching as well. Through these weekly classes, young men throughout the country are able to enhance their dance education with a weekly "men's class"  while connecting with other young men who dance who often feel isolated in their home studios and communities.


The Male Dance Connection is Founded

In January 2023, Bryce Lee, Ryan Lenkey, and Noelle Lee formed The Male Dance Connection, LLC. This organization is dedicated to supporting the dance community across the country by providing a platform for male dancers to connect and grow together. They recognize that males are an essential part of the dance community, yet many of them feel isolated and ostracized while training. The Male Dance Connection is committed to creating an environment that fights isolation and promotes dancer wellness. Join us to engage, learn, and grow.

Meet the Team

Meet the Founding Members of The Male Dance Connection

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